29 Ideas for Capricorn Birthday Gifts

Classic, elegant Capricorns are known for their ambition, competitiveness, and goal-oriented outlook on life. Syd Robinson, astrologer and author of “Who Do the Stars Say You Are?” says, “People born under the sign of Capricornus are the most hard-working and success-hungry people. They are ambitious, goal-oriented, and proud of their abilities.” Pride – they just don’t get it when other people don’t do things as efficiently as they do!”

Birthdays start in December. 21st to January 20th Capricorns place emphasis on status, athleticism, and entrepreneurial spirit. They’ll love a high-end, well-made gift from a well-known brand. Next, we rounded up some perfect gift ideas for the Capricorn in your life.

Dazzle Capricorns who like to show off their culinary skills with a gourmet smooth-looking pizza oven. We tried Ooni Karu 16 for ourselves and found it to be an incredibly easy and delicious way to make pizza.

Capricorn is an earth sign, and we love Planted, a board game in which players compete to grow the best collection of houseplants for the feisty Capricorn with gardening skills.

Beloved for its luxurious apothecary-inspired bottles and creative scents, By the Fireplace by Maison Margiela is a winter favorite and the perfect Capricorn birthday gift. Warm and spicy, the fragrance combines orange blossom with clove oil, chestnut and vanilla to evoke the comfort of sitting in front of a fireplace watching a show.

We’re obsessed with this zodiac jewelry that incorporates gemstones and crystals into designs based on the recipient’s specific birthday. The back of the pendant can also be customized with their birthday, initials and zodiac glyph.

Losing luggage and other personal items is a thing of the past! The Apple AirTag is the perfect gift for a Capricorn on the go who will love its simplicity and functionality. Read our review here.

Looking for a luxurious travel gift? This set of four is everything you need on the go. It includes a silk travel sham, eye mask, cashmere throw and luxurious cashmere socks. You can even monogram it!

Robinson recommends giving the Capricorn in your life “a fun, competitive quiz game so they can showcase their knowledge and creativity at parties.” Wit’s End gets high marks for being more challenging than Trivial Pursuit!

A small measuring tape is one such handy item, and something as pretty as this Liberty print makes a great little gift idea. Toss it in your bag or junk drawer and be amazed how many times you reach for it!

Capricorns appreciate high-end, well-made gifts from well-known brands. Robinson suggests a designer gift, “like a nice bag or sunglasses, so they exude luxury wherever they go.”

Hard-working Capricorns are likely coffee lovers — they need something to fuel all those late-night brainstorming sessions and early-morning workouts, after all! Our pick for the best pour over coffee maker of 2022, the Kalita Wave is the perfect gift for the java perfectionist.

A milk frother is a simple tool that elevates a cup of morning coffee into a work of art. We love the Clevr frother because it’s super easy to clean, store, and recharge.

“Often seen as stoic, maybe even aloof,” Robinson says, “some people will be surprised that a lot of Capricorns are actually quite funny and intelligent.” Task-oriented Capricorns are more likely to use journals for They pile on to-do lists instead of writing down their feelings, but no matter how the sea goat chooses to use the notebook, the Capricorn in your life will love this ludicrously dark journal of grievances.

In our review of coffee subscription services, Blue Bottle is a solid choice for Java lovers. It scored high marks for customizability, variety, and great taste, beating every other coffee subscription service we tested.If you want to give a gift, but don’t give that many all the time, We also love the $40 Blend Box, which showcases three of Blue Bottle’s most popular blends in a gift box.

Active, competitive Capricorns will love a new exercise routine ringing in the new year. Skip overly flashy silhouettes for sleek, understated pieces like Terez’s black-on-black foil star leggings.

Striking and glamorous, Christian Louboutin nail polish is a great $50 gift that feels like a splurge (and it is) without breaking the bank. You can’t go wrong with any color, but for Capricorns, we especially love Kohl, the most dramatic shade of black imaginable.

“Remember that Capricorns are very logical and strategic in their lives and may need occasional reminders to stop and smell the flowers, or at least not check their email,” says Robinson. Send them a gift with this pretty floral weekly planner. flower.

Good sheets are an indulgent and practical gift that will appeal to a Capricorn. Sijo Home’s eucalyptus sheets are available in seven colours, ranging from neutrals like white and beige to muted color options like baby pink, ice blue and forest green. You can also choose whether you want to include the toplevel in the bundle. They’re an Underscored editor favorite.

This half-moon signet necklace, set with a baguette diamond, is a subtle nod to the sign of the zodiac, but it doesn’t knock the no-nonsense Capricorn with the more alluring aspects of astrology. The moon can be engraved with up to three letters or numbers to express individuality.

A popular post-workout recovery tool, the massage gun makes a great gift for the runner, weightlifter, or Pilates enthusiast in your life. While many massage guns are bulky, noisy and expensive, the Theragun Mini gets high marks for being quiet, small and comfortable to use. Check out our review of Theraguns here.

Electronic cutters are enhanced craft machines that can create professional-grade stickers, vinyl decals, party decorations, scrapbooking elements, and custom stationery. Crafty Capricorns will love this die-cutter, and they’re sure to use it to build a side Etsy business. Read our Cricut review here.

Capricorn is one of the earth signs, making the Indoor LED Grow Light Garden the perfect gift for these practical friends. The easy-to-use gardening system comes with a gourmet seed kit containing six herbs—Genoa basil, curly parsley, dill, thyme, Thai basil, and mint.

The hard-working, hard-playing Capricorn in your life will thank you over and over for this ice roller gift. It can be used to cool down on hot days, reduce stress, and relieve hangovers, making it an incredibly versatile self-care tool. This is an Underscored editor’s favorite.

Candles can be a difficult gift to give because scent is a personal choice, but Diptyque Baies candles are a classic and you can hardly go wrong. Capricorns with fine taste will love this gorgeous berry scented candle.

The Emart Ring Light is our pick for the best ring light. It comes with a fully adjustable tripod to give users a lot of flexibility, and it has three light modes with 11 brightness levels. Think how great they’ll look in everyday zoom.

Weight bracelets are one of the hottest new fitness accessories on the market, and status-conscious Capricorns will love them—sea sheep love having the latest toy! The 1-pound weights can be worn on the wrist or ankle and are available in six colors, including pink, green and slate.

Even super practical Capricorns love a good shower after a busy day. This gorgeous bottle of Bubble Bath from Lollia is a showpiece and would look beautiful in their bathroom.

Capricorns are competitive and adventurous, and this coffee table book will help focus their adventurous spirit—and help them keep a journal of all their travels for bragging rights.

If any sign could be a dedicated hand sanitizer, it’s Capricorn (and so are you, Virgo). When it comes to giving a gift as utterly practical as hand sanitizer, the key to success is elevating the experience—we can’t think of many people who would object to receiving this richly scented hand sanitizer and lotion combo.

Gaming Capricorns will love new gear, like this lightweight gaming headset. Compatible with PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, the headset is one of our picks for the best gaming headsets.

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