3 charts showing the new face of business travel

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It’s Saturday. Chances are one of you, or many of you, is reading this and is traveling for business and leisure right now because, hey, you can do that more easily these days. Hybrid travel looks like real.

Tom Lowry

The “work-from-anywhere” movement that’s popular during the pandemic shows no signs of backing down, giving way to the rise of a growing travel sector — so-called hybrid travel. What exactly does this mean? This means that if you hadn’t thought about it, you might have booked a work trip and then marked a few days for yourself or your family.

In fact, the Skift research team listed this topic as one of the biggest trends of the year in its recent State of Travel 2022 report, and it continues to move forward.

Here are three charts to keep your eye on this trend.

not to mention…

at last…

Perhaps American’s chief commercial officer, Vasu Raja, said it best back in September at the Skift Global Forum in New York City: “What really unravels and recovers from the pandemic is the great merger,” Raja said. “People don’t need to keep five days of work life, two days of personal life, and two weeks of vacation every year.”

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