Austin Businesses Planning Friendly Bachelorette Trips in Texas

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Spring isn’t the only season coming up with bachelor parties in full swing.

As Austin’s population has exploded in recent years, it’s considered one of the nation’s top bachelorette destination cities, and one resident works with local businesses to help curate the quintessential Austin experience.

In 2020, Mallory Strange was living in Nashville when a friend came for a stag party and asked her to help create an itinerary of popular attractions. At the time, Strange said she didn’t see many other businesses designed specifically for stag parties.

Fast-forward three years, and Strange has been living in Austin for the past year and a half and has brought her company, Bach Babes, to the Lone Star State. With the help in part of the TikTok algorithm, Bach Babes started to gain traction, and she received enough inquiries that she was able to quit her job and start a full-time business.

“It took the stress out of the weekend, so [the bridal party] The brides can focus on actually celebrating them, which I love,” she said.

In Austin, bachelorette season typically peaks between March and June and September and October, Strange said. With so much going on during the holidays, it’s time for many parties to start booking travel and planning things to do, she said.

As part of her service, Strange said she wanted to support local businesses so that these wedding parties benefit the local economy while giving guests a more authentic Austin experience.

“We’re also working with a lot of local businesses to make sure the local economy is impacted by all these big groups — restaurants to bars to Airbnbs, hotels,” she said. “We’re partly making sure that when we’re planning these trips, we’re touching the local economy that we love, and when I’m out on a Friday night, I’m going to be there myself.”

Nationally, Austin has been named one of the top bachelorette destinations, known for its live music, fine dining and outdoor recreation. The Timeout rankings from July 2022 put it in sixth place in the top 15 roundup, behind Miami, Santa Barbara, Nantucket, Nashville and Los Angeles.

“Austin can cater to anyone,” Strange said. “It’s kind of like Austin being the best place in the world: We have great food, we have great restaurants, we have great views. Just about anything you could want, Austin has it.”

A look at how the term “bachelorette” has performed in Google Trends over the past year in the Austin area shows a search spike in mid-September, often paired with phrases like “disco,” “brunch,” and “bachelorette party games.” use. Strange said some of those key searches highlighted trends in themes for stag parties this year.

“Disco Cowgirl is obviously huge, but I think the biggest theme this year will be ‘Dazed and Engaged,'” she said. “Disco is going to be big this year. We’ve also seen a lot of people say ‘Texas reckless,’ which I’ve never heard before, but it’s a lovely expression.”

Strange said now is a great time for local businesses to make sure their websites are up to date with all specials, contact information and amenities so travelers can best prepare for their trip. As for residents of the area, she said traffic jams are not uncommon, both on Austin’s roads and downtown restaurants and entertainment venues.

“These girls bring so much money into the local tourism economy — the same economy that’s struggling so hard during COVID when no one is visiting and restaurants, hotels aren’t making much money,” she said. Added: “Just learn to laugh at the girls who come in with hats on because they’re having a good time.”

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