Bay City pizzeria is booming, looking forward to the new year

Bay City, Michigan (WNEM) – Many have takeaway on the menu on Saturday, with a portion of the profits going to local businesses.

B and C Pizza in Bay City is just one of the hot spots on New Year’s Eve, especially with the VRBO Fiesta Bowl.

“If you call around three or four, it’s usually an hour and a half. Such a busy day, for a pizza. I can only bake so many pizzas in the oven,” says owner Shirley Cotta Sherry Korthals said. “People call ahead the day before because they know we’re going to have a bunch of timed orders. We can feed a family of six or seven for $23, so it’s pretty reasonable. We have great customers. They’re already with us Been together for a long time.”

Korthals, owner of the 43-year-old family-run pizzeria, said she thought business was up 30% on the last day of the year, a good sign after the pandemic and the impact of inflation.

“We had to adjust like any other business. We wanted to keep our employees, but we had to raise prices because of the higher inventory costs. And pay our employees more because we wanted to keep them,” Korthals said. Say.

The price of some ingredients has doubled, but the restaurant said that the chef will not be stingy.

A Saturday customer favorite, a classic Chicago-style pizza.

If you want to eat a hot pizza pie, B and C are open as usual on New Year’s Day.

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