Bayer Taiwan Co., Ltd. and Berocca win the 2022 Taiwan Asia Pacific Enterprise Award

Singapore, January March 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The 2022 Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA) in Taiwan is pleased to recognize 34 outstanding business leaders and businesses for their commendable dedication in leading development Taiwanese Economic recovery and development. Hosted by leading regional NGO Enterprise Asia, APEA is the most prestigious awards recognition program for exceptional entrepreneurs across sectors Asia. APEA aims to bring together global exemplary business leaders and Asia To be an unparalleled platform to facilitate the continuity of sustainable corporate growth in Asian economies.

Bayer Taiwan Co., Ltd. (Bayer) is one of the winners in the Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Industry Excellence category.

Bayer is a global company with core competencies in life science fields such as healthcare and nutrition. Its products and services are designed to help people and the planet thrive by supporting efforts to overcome the challenges posed by a growing and aging global population.

Bayer stands for equality and diversity – “respect for your right to be yourself”. Bayer employees will have the opportunity to show their solidarity through the month-long “Be Proud. Be Bayer” campaign. A social media event attended by some LGBT+ colleagues.The event is organized by Bayer Global Business Resources Group BLEND and Taiwanese The Inclusion and Diversity Committee celebrates being part of the company where everyone can be who they are and contribute all their talents and abilities to science for a better life. The committee wanted to show that Bayer employees were proud to work for a company that not only embraced diversity, but set ambitious goals for greater diversity and inclusion.

Furthermore, Bayer products meet the highest quality standards and are safe for people, animals and the environment when used properly. All Bayer products, including the different divisions Pharmaceuticals, Crop Science and Customer Health, are subject to strict regulations that stipulate specific and detailed approvals.exist Taiwan, Bayer products are imported in accordance with regulatory requirements and are transported and stored using Good Distribution Practices (GDP) to ensure the highest product quality is maintained and delivered to customers. Bayer also plays an integral role in its corporate sustainability commitment by ensuring that all products meet official food grades and use recyclable packaging.

In addition to these achievements, Bayer’s Berocca brand received the prestigious Inspirational Brand Award at APEA Taiwan 2022. Berocca is an effervescent brand of vitamins that are clinically proven to maintain mental sharpness and energy throughout the day. When the effervescent tablet burns, Berocca offers the convenience of an easy-to-drink multivitamin to help consumers add delicious flavor to their water and stay better hydrated.First launched on Switzerland In 1969, Berocca is now sold in over 70 countries.

Berocca exists to enhance human drive. Motivation creates energy and drives continuous action, helping people overcome obstacles and perform at their best. When people are motivated, they can go further and be better, unlocking unexpected opportunities today and tomorrow.

Rooted in science, Berocca releases energy from food to stimulate cognitive function in the brain and body. A blend of 12 essential vitamins and minerals helps support energy metabolism so people can stay focused and energized for whatever life throws their way.

Taiwanese who live under stress often take B-complex vitamins for energy. With over 85% of consumers preferring film-coated tablets, Berocca’s biggest challenge was changing consumer behavior and encouraging product trials. Berocca aims to empower life lovers by providing them with continuous physical and mental motivation, and Berocca has planned a series of activities in response to consumers’ needs to improve their physical and mental performance, especially in the wake of the pandemic. Berocca has successfully launched a series of brand activations to drive awareness and trials, nearly tripling its users from 2021 to 2022.

Through communication and synergy with the Tokyo Olympics, the brand maximized awareness through the “POWER ON” brand proposition. Berocca strategically optimized the media mix, with commercials aired during the games for maximum visibility.

To further capture the attention of life lovers, Berocca teamed up with several athletes who have had a significant influence and impact on consumers in Taiwan after the Olympics, and launched a viral marketing campaign – “Berocca Challenge”.

The campaign helped Berocca increase brand relevance and credibility. In addition, Berocca has attracted substantial users through comprehensive full-funnel communications and a series of co-branded campaigns on e-commerce platforms that engage adjacent consumer groups. Berocca’s strategy of making the brand an inspiration to consumers, empowering them to POWER ON everyday challenges, saw a 190% increase in Google searches and a 282% increase in users.

Going forward, Berocca aims to become a top 5 global multivitamin brand North Asia Enter the market by 2025. At the same time, Bayer’s overall aim is to ensure that its products, services and innovation capabilities enable the company to make a significant contribution to the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

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