Buchanan touts how and what to do with business success bidding for slots

Buchanan has served in fundraising for over a dozen years and has a slight lead in seniority; he appears alongside Adrian Smith, but is technically ahead because his last name comes first in the alphabet.

Buchanan referred to his experience as the top five Republican members of the six subcommittees on “Ways and Means.” He’s offering massive fundraising numbers to support Republicans’ efforts to take control of the House.

Buchanan’s campaign said this week that so far this cycle, Buchanan has raised $3.1 million for the National Republican Congressional Committee. He announced that he would also send $439,000 directly to Republican members and candidates from his fundraising vehicle.

Buchanan’s biggest personal contributions to the cycle came from Fort Myers, Florida, oncologist Daniel Dosoretz and his wife Celia. Other major recent donors include David Millstone and David Winter, co-CEOs of New York City-based Standard Industries Inc., an industrial conglomerate that bills itself as the world’s largest manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing, and New York City-based Jeff Blau, CEO of Real Estate Developers Associates.

According to OpenSecrets.org, Buchanan’s largest career contributors include the Benderson family, owners of Sarasota real estate firm Benderson Development LLC; Florida-founded supermarket chain Publix Super Markets; located in Bealls Inc., a Buchanan-based retailer; and Juno Beach, Florida; and Next Era Energy Inc., headquartered in one of the largest U.S. power companies.

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