Business owners react to new rules for adult entertainment venues

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) – The Fargo City Council has approved an ordinance amendment related to “adult entertainment establishments.”

Zoning codes define and govern where these types of businesses can operate. Some business owners are unhappy with the city’s efforts to tighten regulations.

Kim Patterson, owner of Enchantasys in Fargo, said the zoning ordinance has been passed and her business will be greatly hindered.

She said her business would now be classified as an adult bookstore, which she said would have a lot of ramifications.

The ordinance will affect how they are allowed to advertise and their ability to expand or relocate, Patterson said.

It will also have a lasting impact on clients who visit her establishment, she added.

Patterson wants the city to work with them to shed more light on how her business works.

“The way it’s worded, there’s not a lot of talk about whether we’re grandfathers or not. I don’t know if we have to put up a sign saying you have to be 18 to shop in my store now,” she said.

Mark Western, an attorney for Enchantasys, said the ordinance makes it clear the city wants to group all adult entertainment businesses under one category.

“The ordinance the city council just passed lumps a place like Enchantasys with a strip bar,” he said, saying Enchantasys doesn’t think it should be subject to the same regulation as a strip bar or an adult bookstore.

Enchantasys has been in business for nearly 20 years and has two locations in Fargo and four more in the Midwest.

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