Congresswoman Angie Craig throws hot coffee at elevator attackers to fight them off | US News

A US congresswoman fought off her attackers by pouring hot coffee on them when they attacked her in an elevator.

Representative Angie Craig was injured after fending off assailants during the incident at her apartment building.

One suspect, identified as Kendrick Hamlin, 26, was charged with simple assault, Washington, D.C. police said.

Ms. Craig’s chief of staff, Nick Coe, said the Democratic congresswoman from Minnesota was injured but “in good health” following the attack, which did not appear to be politically motivated.

“Rep. Craig thanks the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department for its quick response and asks for privacy at this time,” Mr. Coy said.

According to a report lodged with police, Ms Craig saw the attacker “acting oddly” and he appeared to be “under the influence of an unknown substance”.

The report to police added that the attacker grabbed Ms Craig by the neck and also punched her in the jaw.

Ms Craig reportedly threw hot coffee at the attacker to protect herself before they fled the scene.

“At approximately 7:10 a.m., the suspect approached the victim in an elevator at the listed location,” police said in a written statement.

“The suspect fled the scene while the victim defended himself,” police said.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, a Democrat, said he spoke with Craig and said she was “doing a great job.”

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