Corpus Christi business demonstrates power of ‘healing’

Lisa and Lawrence Palreiro are the proud owners of Barefoot Bodyworks—a massage company that treats clients hands-free.

A type of massage therapy is growing in popularity as a business in Corpus Christi expands its reach.

Lisa and Lawrence Palreiro are the married owners of Barefoot Bodyworks.

The couple found a creative way to help work out the kink without using their hands.

“Everyone who comes here says it’s the best massage they’ve ever had, and they’ll never go anywhere else,” says Lawrence.

Lisa thinks outside the box when starting her company.

At first she said she had to convince people to try massage therapy.

“Slowly started convincing people to let me massage them with my feet. It worked so much better than using my hands. It quickly gained a following,” says Lisa.

Their shared love of deep tissue work brought Lisa and Lawrence together after meeting on Valentine’s Day last year.

The couple is also certified in foot pressure massage. The technology has become a hot topic in the world of stress and pain management.

“We do get booked up, sometimes months in advance,” Lisa said.

You can tell they stand out from the competition.

Rick and Melissa Ricard use Barefoot Bodyworks massage classes as part of their self-care routine.

“I have a lot of injuries and weaknesses, I have issues with my knees and this is a great deep tissue massage. Her expertise really gets down to what needs attention,” says Rick.

Lisa and Lawrence know some people might find this weird — or just weird. But they encourage residents to at least give it a try.

For more information call (361) 488-1112.

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