Defense seeks forgiveness in trial of ex-Lewiston cremation business

LEWUSTON, Maine (WMTW) — A civil trial is underway against the owner of a former cremation business in Lewiston.

The family is suing Affordable Cremation Solutions and its owner Kenneth Kincer’s Lewiston business for $5 million, claiming Kincer’s behavior was “grotesque and shocking.”

Last year, 11 bodies were found in Affordable Cremation Solutions’ non-refrigerated area.

While the defense did not deny that Kincer and the company were to blame, they asked for forgiveness and understanding.

“Even though Kinther didn’t come to work, he still told his part-time staff — ‘Keep picking up the bodies. We need money,’” said Meryl Poulin, an attorney representing the families.

“What happened here is inexcusable and unreasonable. The affordable cremation solution is not here to try to justify it or justify it,” said Jim Haddo, Kenneth Ginther’s attorney.

Kinser is listed as a potential witness in the case, but it is unclear when he will be available in court.

Last September, members of the state Funeral Services Commission voted unanimously to revoke his license for ten years.

He has been cited for numerous violations, including the disrespectful handling of human remains.

Testimony will continue on Thursday.

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