Dentist accused of killing wife by adding poison to protein shake US News

Police in Colorado believe a dentist killed his wife by spiking her pre-workout protein shake with arsenic and cyanide so he could be with another dentist he had an affair with.

James Craig, 45, was arrested Sunday on suspicion of first-degree murder after his wife was taken off life support.

Craig’s wife, Angela, 43, has been to the hospital three times in the last month, but doctors can’t find anything wrong with her.

police in denver The Aurora suburb began investigating the dentist after his dental partner and friend told a nurse that Craig had ordered potassium cyanide, even though their work did not require it.

According to the arrest warrant, which listed evidence gathered by investigators, Craig Googled questions such as “could arsenic be detected in an autopsy?”

Police believe Craig put arsenic in a protein shake his wife often made for her.

After she survived, he ordered potassium cyanide and told an office manager not to open that package.

However, another practicing employee did open the package, resulting in a report to authorities.

Investigators believe that when his wife was hospitalized, Craig was meeting with a fellow dentist who regularly flew in to visit him.

Craig’s friend who discovered the potassium cyanide also told investigators that Craig was on the verge of bankruptcy and had been having trouble in his marriage.

Angela Craig’s sister Tony Cofeld told police that Craig drugged his wife with an unknown substance about five years ago because he said he was planning to kill himself and didn’t want her to save him.

Ms Kofoed believes the dentist mentioned the incident in a series of text messages between Angela and James Craig when she first fell ill.

According to the arrest affidavit, James Craig wrote: “Given our history, I know this must be a trigger. Just for the record, I did not drug you. I am very concerned though.”

Two days before Angela was declared brain dead, the policewoman said he had an affair and wrote Craig an email expressing sympathy for what he was going through.

However, she said she didn’t think she should mix with people mourning Angela because she didn’t want to “hide how I feel about you”.

The dentist is due to appear in court on Thursday.

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