Discuss delay in issuing business visas with US: Piyush Goyal

Union Minister of Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal, who is visiting India, said on Wednesday that the excessive delay in issuing business visas to the Indian people was discussed with the US and that the Americans resonated well.

“We found a good resonance for our request that business visas take a long time to issue within India and this is an area that needs to be expedited so that interested business people on both sides – US businesses and Indian businesses – Commercial reasons need to be dealt with more quickly so that trade, investment and commerce are not affected,” Goyal told reporters at the end of the India-US Trade Policy Forum meeting which he co-chaired with US Trade Representative Catherine Tay.

Goyal said India has asked the US that they may expedite the issuance of routine business visas when people come here for short-term travel to pursue trade and business interests.

“We are pleased that the flow of professional and skilled workers, students, investors, business travelers is expanding between the two countries. This helps to strengthen our bilateral relationship,” he noted.

“We are pleased that the United States can expedite the processing of student visas so that our students can come to the United States to continue their studies in the fall 2022 semester in the post-COVID-19 situation. We are now asking them to see how we can address short-term stays for business personnel in the United States problem,” Goyal said.

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