Donald Trump indictment: Stormy Daniels says legal process will spark ‘violence, injury and death’ | US News

The porn actress at the center of Donald Trump’s indictment says the legal process will spark violence, but it shows the former president is no longer untouchable.

Stormy Daniels also says she’s received death threats Because the facts of the allegations were made public.

“Whatever the outcome, it will lead to violence and there will be casualties,” she told The Times on Friday after news of the indictment broke overnight.

Ms Daniels’ name has been linked to Trump for years after it was first claimed that his lawyer paid her $130,000 (£105,000) in 2016 to keep quiet about extramarital sex a decade earlier .

Trump is expected to face an arraignment hearing next Tuesday on about 30 counts of document fraud, although the former president’s indictment remains unsealed.

“Trump is no longer untouchable. Those in power are not exempt from the law. No matter what your job is, or what is in your bank account, you are accountable for what you say and do, Justice has been served.”

She added that she is not afraid to face Donald Trump in court. “I’ve seen him naked. He couldn’t be more horrible with clothes on.”

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Ms Daniels said Trump’s prosecution was “defensive” and “poetic”.

“This p***y got caught back,” she said, referring to the infamous Access Hollywood tape in which Trump was recorded saying “When you’re a star… you can do anything [to women]. Grab their asses. You can do anything. “

She detailed the threats she received: “The number and intensity were the same as the first time, but this time it was direct violence.

“The first time it was ‘Gold Digger,’ ‘s***,’ ‘Whore,’ ‘Liar,’ etc. This time it was ‘I’m going to kill you.’ They were more violent and graphic.

“I’m not afraid of him, nor the government, but just need a crazy supporter who thinks they’re doing God’s work or protecting democracy.”

Ms Daniels also told The Times she was “scared for the first time ever. Part of me doesn’t want to say that because you don’t want blood in the water. It kind of fuels the shark.”

But, she said, “it’s especially scary because Trump himself is inciting and encouraging violence.”

Ms Daniels said she had not yet been formally called to testify, but “I hope I have to. I’m not afraid, I have nothing to hide and I look forward to telling everyone what I know.”

Trump’s indictment is “monumental epic, and I’m proud of it,” she said. “The other side of it is that it will continue to divide people and arm them.

“He has gotten away with inciting riots, causing death and destruction. Whatever the outcome, there will be violence and there will be casualties,” she said.

“It has the potential to do a lot of good. But either way, it’s also going to do a lot of harm.”

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