Fantasy Football Ranking Week 3: Sleeper, Start, Sit, Damon Pierce, Darnell Mooney & More

We’re starting to better understand what the 2022 NFL season will look like for many teams. It’s also time to start taking advantage of overreacting managers as we head into Week 3 rankings and sleeper states. Buying and selling is back with another random and interesting ranked list. This time, inspired by your request after I tweeted about my delicious cake last week.

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Fantasy Football Sleeper Week 3 2022

🚨 Be careful 🚨 these are sleeper. They don’t copy my rankings 100%. It’s about chasing the upside, usually with more risk, but based on APA Showdownyou can “bankrupt” if needed.


Likely to start: Carson Wentz, WSH — As I mentioned in my Week 3 Waiver column, Wentz doesn’t throw 40+ each A week, but Commander’s defense — and Wentz’s interception — helped push the offense to throw more. This helps the defense not win, trying to stop Terry McLaughlin, Jahan Dawson and/or Curtis Samuel. A thousand deaths…well, if you add the backcourt, three or four, even five for a healthy Logan Thomas.

The commanders also presided over the Eagles’ unstoppable offense, pointing to a shootout…which, of course, meant a tough 10-7 game to come.

Hail Mary Begins: Jared Goff, DET — Goff’s risk is zero overshoot, and if he only throws 1-2 touchdowns, he usually won’t have 300-400 yards to offset. While Aaron Rodgers was underwhelming in Week 1 against the Vikings, he also had nothing to pitch, and he had a poor start to the season before. Jalen Hurts ripped them to pieces — also on the ground — for 26 of his 31 attempts for 333 yards and a touchdown. Goff had the opportunity to complete three touchdowns this week.

run back

Possible start: Devin Singletary, BUF — The Bills’ backcourt continues to be frustrated by its lack of consistency, but at least Singletary is always at the top of his chances. While the Ravens’ running back struggled against Miami, Lamar Jackson ate the Dolphins and even posted a 5.0 YPC on eight rushing attempts from 79 yards. Additionally, Damian Harris advanced for 48 yards on nine carries in Week 1, although Rhamondre Stevenson didn’t have the same success. It’s risky, but if the Dolphins’ offense can keep up, Singletary could be RB2.

May start: Dameon Pierce, hold — We knew Rex Burkhead’s slippers would fall off, but no one expected it to happen in a week. Pierce led the way, and the Bears offense couldn’t get out of its own way (more on them soon). Aaron Jones just shredded the Bears for 132 yards and 15 touchdowns.

Hail Mary starts: Jamal Williams, DET –We’re chasing Williams for touchdowns because Williams had 12 and 13 touches in the first two weeks as DeAndre Swift’s backup. The matchup was very favorable, as the Vikings couldn’t stop the Eagles’ ground game, going 34-for-163 with two points (both injured). Boston Scott looked like he came out of the cannon when he had a 16-yard run straight down the middle, and we were getting a couple of decent runs for Williams, hopefully one that ended with a score.

wide receiver

Likely to start: Alan Robinson, LAR — Robinson bounced back, but it wasn’t a change of the week, just a good game (5-4-53-1). Honestly, from the team’s top 25 performance. If it happened every week, 2 receivers would be a popular site. Well, the Cardinals have allowed 42.1 percent of their opponents’ drives to end in touchdowns, including nine catches for 20 yards or more and seven touchdowns.Cooper Cooper and ARob should have a big week 3.

Likely to start: JuJu Smith-Schuster, KC — Brandin Cooks 7-82-0, Christian Kirk 6-78-2. These were the top perimeters against the Colts in the first two weeks, and while Travis Kelce was technically the Chiefs’ top pick, JJSS was tied for second with Marquez Valdes-Scantling with a TmTGT% of 15.1. His YPRR is 1.46 and his MVS is 0.89.

Hail Mary Begins: Darnell Mooney, CHI – here we go. Mooney has fallen into Hail Mary’s starting field, and when your team only attempts 11 passes, you’ll see why. However, even though the Colts and Broncos have been mediocre against the Texans, the Texans have allowed 10 catches of 20 or more yards — the most in the league. The Bears also face the 49ers and Packers, two defenses that are much better than the Texans. Of course, Justin Fields needs to throw more than 11 times. Hopefully he doesn’t screw it all up for desperate managers.

nervous ending

Likely to start: Evan Engram, JAX — Don’t watch it now, but Engram is 8th in Route% with a TmTGT% of 17.6. Sure, it turned out to be just 74 yards, but he’s caught all but one of his goals (his hand works!). The Chargers are a tough game, but the tight end position is already bad, and we’re chasing numbers…hopefully.

Hail Mary Begins: Tyler Conklin, New York — Speaking of volume, Conklin has a higher Route% than Engram at 84.4. Even with the Jets having three great receivers, Conklin saw 16 targets (16.0 TmTGT%) for a 10-56-1. If the Bengals get back on track and turn this into a high-scoring game, the Jets have proven they can keep up, and Conklin has scoring potential.

Interesting ranking!

In case you missed my tweet about the amazing cake I took home and made (no, not a recipe from scratch), its glory is here!

I’m surprised people want box cake rankings…maybe they’re laughing at me, but if so, hey, I’m happy anyway. Although, it’s a bit difficult to get 10 cakes on this list.

  1. Betty Crocker Cinnamon Toast Crunch, CTC Frosting – Cake and Frosting with Cinnamon Chips, you know I love cinnamon toast chips
  2. Betty Crocker Butter Yellow, Chocolate Frosting – This is classic, but better because of… butter
  3. Duncan Hines Fudge Marbles, Chocolate Frosting – Perfect if you want a little more chocolate than yellow cake but don’t want to eat too much
  4. Pillsbury Funfetti Oreo, Funfetti Oreo Frosting – underrated.Well Oreos are awesome so maybe people know how good this cake is
  5. Duncan Hines Chocolate, Chocolate Frosting – lots of chocolate but it’s really good, Duncan Hines Chocolate does the best (their fudge brownies are also top notch)
  6. Krusteaz Cinnamon Swirl Crumb — Not technically a “real cake”, but crumb cake (and sometimes coffee cake) is one of my favorites and it’s amazing
  7. Duncan Hines Red Velvet, Cream Cheese Frosting – Red Velvet is not a flavor! It’s a cocoa flavor with red dye.Now that we’ve left it out, it’s still absolutely delicious, with the cream cheese frosting, it goes perfectly
  8. Pillsbury Funfetti, Vanilla Funfetti Frosting – The taste of “birthday cake” is also called it.light and fun fitty
  9. Duncan Hines Epic Fruity Pebbles, Fruity Pebbles Frosting – The weird texture of the pebbles compared to eating cereal makes this more disappointing than delicious (I mean, it’s cake, so it’s still good)
  10. Carrot cake – nope. Worst place ever! Vegetable cake? nonsense. stop.

buy and sell


  • Tom Brady, QB, TB – Brady’s reception team has been a mess so far. It might be a few more weeks (once Chris Godwin comes back), but Brady was a QB2 last year.
  • Derrick Henry, RB, 10 — Week 1 got away with a touchdown by Dontrell Hilliard, Week 2 Titans started early in the breakout. Henry is still a beast and you want to buy cheap before the 150/1 game happens.
  • Ken Walker, RB, SEA -I don’t want to start the Seahawks running back, but Walker is a better fit for the Chris Carson role than Rashad Penney, who loses some value to Travis Homer . Walker may never be activated, but he’s free (people want to drop him).
  • Cam Akers, RB, LAR — Switching to Akers from week 2. We may never get 70% done for Akers, but even if Akers is around 60-65% he’s back in the top 20 every week.
  • Elijah Moore, WR, NYJ — Leads Jets catchers in Snapshots and Route%. Moore’s time is coming, even if Garrett Wilson is his 1A or 1B, Moore will be the other half because both are better than Corey Davis.
  • DK Metcalfe, WR, SEA — I don’t want to hear more about “quarterback cooking” in Seattle. Regardless, the Seahawks realize the offense sucks and it’s really a two-man show, Tyler Lockett (26.3 TmTGT%) and Metcalf (22.8%), Metcalf so far Only red zone and end zone targets (one each).
  • Kyle Pitts, TE, ATL — As with the Seahawks, it’s a two-man show, and Drake London’s quick ascent will help balance coverage and open the door to better days. People picked Pitts as a top-4 tight end for good reason.


  • Antonio Gibson, RB, WSH – If Gibson keeps his trust, he can maintain his lead, especially since he is second in G2G (Goal-to-Go, within 10) rushing (4) and is in line with most GLRs (Goal-line Rush, within 5) tied and there are four. However, there is a good chance that Brian Robinson is about to return.
  • Michael Carter, RB, NYJ — A move to Breece Hall could come soon, as the rookie showed a lot of upside in Week 2. Carter’s passing game is mostly on lock, but if Hall starts to put in the work, Carter slips to RB3.
  • Jahan Dotson, WR, WSH — Dotson leads in Commanders Route% (94.9) and touchdowns (3), but he ranks fourth in TmTGT% at 11.8, trailing even Logan Thomas, making him the most inconsistent and most likely to return .
  • Gerald Everett, TE, LAC –Everett has been a great addition in the first two weeks, and few trades have been made for tight end, but Donald Parham — once back — will determine what Everett is used for and value.

Week 3 Fantasy Football Predictions

🚨 Be careful 🚨 These may differ from my rankings, and I Ranking is the order in which I start players Outside of additional context, e.g. “Highest upside required, even at risk.” Also, based on 4-point TD with QB, 6-point rest, and half-PPR

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***these are no Updated Sunday morning for reference only***

Week 3 Fantasy Football Rankings

🚨 Be careful 🚨

  • only Half PPR Because FantasyPros automatically calculates non- and full PPR ratings can be turned off. However, the difference from Non to Half and Full to Half is so small that you don’t need to worry about it.
  • ECR = Expert Consensus Rating. Don’t pay too much attention to it as not all experts are constantly/constantly updated.
  • Updated regularly, so keep checking until the lineup is locked.

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