Fin & Feather Corner – Most Expensive Shrimp | Sporty

Shrimp are a popular choice for use as bait when fishing, but not all species of shrimp can be used as bait. Never use imported shrimp in Texas waters. Imported shrimp includes all species that are not native to the Gulf of Mexico, including those from other countries such as Venezuela, India, Thailand, or other non-Gulf countries such as California. Shrimp from non-Gulf or other countries are considered imported and cannot be used as bait – even if they are farmed or frozen in Texas.

“Only native shrimp from Texas waters should be used as bait in public waters,” said Chief Game Superintendent Ben Baker from Corpus Christi. “Other exotic shrimp farmed in Texas may be used for consumption, but must not be introduced dead or alive into Texas public waters. waters.”

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