From messy homes, to poor personal hygiene and other ‘disgusting’: Singles hate dating most | US News

Singles have revealed their most hated dates in a new poll.

These so-called “disgusting” causes many breakups and heartbreaks.

“ick” is an expression of dislike or dislike for something, and it’s now a widely used term, thanks to the likes of Twitter and Instagram.

A new poll of 2,000 people found that 65 percent of respondents said they broke up with their partners because of something that disgusted them.

Here are some of the biggest “problems”:

messy home

It was revealed that 21% of people said that clutter was their number one complaint.

man is everything

Another 42 percent said they hated bad manners the most, and it was one of the biggest obstacles in a relationship.

hygiene is key

The survey, conducted by online dating service Seeking in the US, also revealed that 20 percent of daters said their most annoying date was dirty nails.

Body odor topped the list of top hygiene concerns, with 24 percent saying they would turn away a date if they smelled bad.

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“People are very attached to what they want, and it’s empowering,” says Seeking’s dating expert Emma Hathorn.

“The current trend is to ‘date,’ or find someone who will enhance your lifestyle,” Hathorn continued.

When someone is “dating,” she adds, their goal is likely “not just to be someone who can help their partner ‘date’ — but to find someone who can enhance their life at the same time.”

The dating site found that 79% of people agree that being a “fussy dater” is a good thing, with many thinking they deserve the best in their relationship.

Double texting is one of the most discouraging behaviors for a potential partner
Double texting is one of the most discouraging behaviors for a potential partner

20 things that make people “disgusted”

  • scented bath

  • pretend to know something better than it really is

  • Overbearing and rude

  • Double text message (if you don’t reply after the first text message, send the second text message)

  • bad teeth

  • rude to waiter

  • mess life

  • dirty nails

  • chewing with mouth open

  • too clingy

  • talk too loudly

  • talking while eating

  • obsessed with their horoscope

  • long nails

  • make baby noises

  • put on too much makeup

  • panting

  • oversharing on social media

  • refer to yourself in the third person

  • bad tattoo

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