FYC Walking Mat Review: Folding Under Desk Treadmill

This review comes out of a desire not to be the most annoying person in the world: I fell in love with the walking mat I splurged on Prime Day like newlyweds in the throes of marital bliss and I really want the world Everyone knows this joy.

So in order not to alienate everyone I know and yell at them “I love my walker, you need to know how the walker lives”, here I am going to tell you about my walker, and why it Inspired by the walking path lifestyle.

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The FYC Walking Mat is lightweight, easy to store and set up, and best of all, it’s pink! It has completely changed the way I work out at home – so much so that I now look forward to using it every day.

I decided to buy a walking mat after seeing them on Instagram. I was influenced (yes, I was) and I don’t regret it!

You’ve surely seen the Walker Girls, as they call themselves, and sadly, I’m starting to think of myself now: They have standing desk setups with velvet chairs on casters that roll quickly out onto the road when needed. When they hit the road, they walk while they work, completing those critical steps during their work-from-home days. Then, when they’ve walked enough, they just unplug the machine and roll it back into storage.

As someone who has been working from home for over a decade, I have avoided exercising at home in favor of the gym — simply because going to the gym gets me out of the house every day. Naturally, this took a left turn in 2020, but once I was able to, I went back to my work from home/workout at the gym routine. Unfortunately, that changed after I tore my ACL and underwent months of physical therapy to regain use of my right knee. The injury, and the anxiety that came with the recovery process, changed my relationship with the gym. I need to consider alternatives, and walking paths are an obvious solution.

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While I love the look of a smooth walking mat—the mat—the handle is a non-negotiable feature for me due to my mobility and anxiety issues. So from a starting point of the Umay walk I kept seeing on Insta, which had the look, functionality, and ease of storage I was looking for, I found a similar model with a handle attachment.

Walking mats all have the same basic function—a waistband on a frame on which people can walk, jog, or run—but within this category, there are many features to consider when choosing which model is right for you. Here’s what I considered, and some models I looked at before deciding that FYC walking trails were right for me.

Dimensions and storage: One of the advantages of walking mats that other similar home exercise equipment does not have is that they are smart and easy to store. Some models, like the WalkingPad foldable treadmill, can even be folded in half to save space. When deciding on a walking path, look at the dimensions and weight to see if it will be easy to store.

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capacity: If you are tall or have a stocky build, you will want to check the product specifications to make sure the walking mat is the right size for you. To avoid accidentally stepping on the belt, taller people will need a longer belt to accommodate their stride. The Rhythm Fun Walking Mat has a 47-inch waist belt and a 300-pound capacity, while the FYC model has a 41-inch waist and a 265-pound capacity.

Easy to assemble: I don’t want to fool a rally of any kind! Many walkers basically work out of the box. Simply unpack, apply a small amount of silicone lubricant (included) to the space between the hipbelt and frame, and start walking. (Models with handles require the easiest assembly: The individually packaged handles simply screw into the base, no tools required. If you can replace the bulb, you can install the handle without a problem.)

Handle and Work Surface: Handles are a must-have for me, which limits my options somewhat. But if you’re looking to use your walking mat with a standing desk (i.e. without safety rails), the field is wide open, including walking mats with built-in standing desks, like the Goplus 3-in-1 .

tilt: Most walking mats don’t have an adjustable incline like traditional treadmills, but inclined walking mats are available. However, one downside of the tilt function is that it makes the machine heavier and bulkier.

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cost: Walking mats typically cost between $200 and $500, and price fluctuations are common. I picked up the (pink) FYC walking mat for $309.99; as of this writing, it’s $399, while the white version is $314. Chelsea Stone, our own deals editor and absolute genius, told me to pick out some walking mats I like and have them waiting in my Amazon cart. This is a great piece of advice that allows me to monitor the ever-fluctuating price of these things and pull the trigger when I feel like I’ve got a deal.

color: Most walking mats are either black or white, sometimes gray. Pretty standard sports equipment colors, really. But you’re not limited to this bland palette! Walking mats in colors like blue, green, red, and pink are easy to find.


I’ll balance and tell you how I feel silly Even consider spending an extra $30 for the pink colorway. After I slept on it and decided, I felt even more silly, “Yeah, I need the pink one. I’m going to pay $30 more to have it. That’s me.”

I felt less silly when the stuff arrived because the pink colorway definitely made me happy! At the time of purchase, I would never have considered paying an extra $100 for pink, but now that I have it, it’s honestly worth the extra $100 – that’s how much of a positive difference the color of this thing makes me. Most people don’t feel that way! But if you’re someone who values ​​aesthetics, I suggest you allow yourself to spend a little more on the walkway, because it looks beautiful.

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