Halloween business is booming in Monroe County

Like it or not, this is the time of year when all the creepy stuff is on display; Halloween is just around the corner.

East Stroudsburg, Pa. — There was no shortage of clothing or customers at the Frazetta Clothing Store on Washington Street in East Stroudsburg on Monday.

Masks, wigs and more – the store has everything for Halloween and shoppers are ready!

“I love Halloween, so I got a ‘Halloween 3’ skull mask, and then I also got the new ‘Halloween Kill’ Michael Myers mask,” Cole Feltman said.

“Clothing, decoration and candy,” says Arthur Hefley.

The stores have been busy with people shopping for Halloween costumes since August. Owner Bill Frazetta said the store is on track to outsell last year’s sales.

“Last year everyone, because other businesses couldn’t get their product and I had stock, I got a lot of people from far away and they liked the store so much that they came back and word of mouth they did too, ‘ said Frazetta.

While supply chain issues and inflation may have had some impact on stores, Frazetta said he had everything he needed for a safe and fun Halloween.

“A lot of stuff is late because my company doesn’t get their product. So right now, a lot of stuff is pouring in at the last second, and it’s very difficult for me and my employees.”

The two hottest outfits of the year are “Scream” and Michael Myers.

As for this year’s festival, people say they can’t wait.

“I think it’s going to be a good thing because now with COVID and everything’s over, everybody’s going to be ready for everything,” Feltman said.

Frazetta’s Costumes is open 7 days a week throughout the year.

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