Julian Sands: ‘Intermittent’ aerial search to continue after bad weather hampers early efforts | The Art News

Air patrols are still being carried out “on and off” in the search for British actor Julian Sands who disappeared in California three weeks ago.

Typically, such searches are downgraded after 10 days, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said.

However, it has been decided to extend the search period as inclement weather has hampered efforts so far.

“Our aviation division continues to patrol the area intermittently looking for Mr Sands’ said a spokesman.

“Typically, we would search for 10 days before relegating to a passive search. In this case, we extended those plans as the weather was not conducive to continuous searches.

“While weather and mountain conditions remain an issue, we will resume ground searches once weather conditions permit and the snow melts.”

Sands, 65, is Reported missing on January 13 After he failed to return from a hike in the Baldi Mountains area of ​​the San Gabriel Mountains.

Local and state agencies have since conducted multiple searches for the actor, both on foot and by air.

Authorities have previously used Recco equipment, which can detect electronics and credit cards, in hopes of creating a more precise area to focus search efforts on.

Over the weekend, Sand’s hiking buddy and friend Kevin Ryan said it was obvious “problem occurs” But the actor’s advanced experience and skills will “hopefully” see him return safely.

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