KRIS 6 news crew threatened during 361 Grants story follow-up

COPS Christie — The car sped down Elesa Street on Thursday, jumped on the curb near where I was standing, and came to a stop.

The man who claimed to be Edward Turnbull Sr. approached me and my photographer Manuel Venegas Jr.. Ask why we are there.

We’re there for more information on 361 Grants.

On Tuesday, KRIS 6 received several calls that the company ran out of El Barrio Food Pantry at 816 South 19th street.

Staff claim they help people apply for grants and other types of financial aid.

Staff say the grants can be used to help people in need, or who need help with home repairs.

One of the home repair grants, the “361 Grant,” advertises that the grant could be in excess of $10,000.

However, in order to start the process, they charge a fee of $150 to process the application.

Moments before Turnbull Sr. There, I approached the fence of a home on the 800 block of Elesa Street.

“If you don’t leave my (explaining) property, I will shoot you (explaining) in the face,” a man’s voice came over the loudspeaker. “Take (interpretative) from my property.”

I told him we were on the sidewalk and it wasn’t his property. Then I asked if it was Edward, we were looking for Edward.

“You and I have nothing to discuss,” the voice said. “I have an office manager and for the same (explainative) reason you are stupid (explainable) (interpretative). Leave my (explainative) property before I shoot. “

My photographer called the police after our home was threatened in the 800 block of Elesa, which is listed as the location of 361 Grants.

Senior Turnbull approached me and asked why we were there.

I told Turnbull that I spoke with Linda Muñoz, the manager of the 361 Grant office in El Barrio Food Pantry, on the On the street the day before.

Some people applying for home improvement grants of more than $10,000 must pay a $150 application fee, she said.

“This is for funding authors,” Munoz said.

When I asked her how many people won or received the money – she couldn’t answer.

“I don’t know how many,” Muñoz said. “We know that, if approved, a lot of award letters have been sent.”

“It all belongs to Rosie and Linda,” Mr Turnbull said. Say. “Why don’t Rosie and Linda have an answer? Because, she should know where and who they are from.”

“We’re going to keep going. They’re going to keep returning all their money, returning their money and cancelling their grants,” Turnbull Sr. said. “So if they’ve got approval, they take the grant and don’t get it, then give them money.”

Mr Turnbull was present in an interview with Munoz on Wednesday but declined to be interviewed

After the original aired, KRIS 6 received an email from a viewer with an award letter attached.

The letter states that the person has been given $31,000, which will be released on January 5, 2023.

Although the letter was not signed, it listed Todd Hunter as executive director.

“It’s definitely not me,” Hunter told KRIS 6, after a crew caught up with him in Austin on Thursday.

“Channel 6 actually gave me a copy of a letter. I’m not the executive director of anything, so that’s not me. I don’t know anything about the organization,” Hunter said.

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