Life Giving Seeds Business at KMOT Agri Expo

Minot, North Dakota (KMOT) – After a tragedy occurred to a family present at this year’s KMOT Agriculture Expo, they sought natural remedies and ingredients to grow their produce.

Life Giving Seeds is a business that partners with North Dakota farmers to produce wholesome products.

Hannah Erbele was the first to offer a natural product called peaceful, an antidepressant without side effects. Business took off from there.

They now sell CBD products and processed grains such as flax and hemp as ingredients.

This product is used in human food and also by pet food companies.

“We do think sourcing is very important, not just for us but for consumers and our food supply chain, we really need to focus on sourcing. Really, if you don’t know where your product comes from, you don’t know what’s in it, So that’s part of our story,” said President Hannah Erbele.

They offer a line of products that are made in North Dakota and shipped across the country.

This is their first year at KMOT Ag Expo and they are excited to meet other locals from the Ag community.

They are based in Bismarck.

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