Local business owners expect positive impact from holiday tourism

“Traffic has increased significantly,” said Rancho Mirage Chamber of Commerce President Katie Stice. So it’s really important that the people out there are really patient and kind and keep tipping and understand that these small business owners are really doing their best. “

Some local business owners said the gardens had seen increased foot traffic due to the holiday weekend. They are doing their best to keep locals engaged so they can continue to spread the word about their business.

News Channel 3 spoke to a business owner who opened her first store three months before Covid hit. “We’re hoping that three months before we’re told we have to close, it’s going to be a challenging time for everyone,” said Stella Adena, owner of Rancho Relaxo.

“So it’s been a challenging time. But I think it’s solidified our relationship with our customers. We’ve got a very loyal customer. Our word of mouth is really good. And I think a lot of that comes from people still going through it Cheers time for us.”

Rancho Relaxo is located in an outdoor mall called The Garden in Palm Desert.

If shoppers come to some of these local businesses, Stella advises other business owners to “go the extra mile” on customer service and relationship building. “I’m not a story about doom and gloom,” Adena said.

She sees increased foot traffic as an opportunity to make sales and build connections so customers will come back.

According to the Visit Greater Palm Springs Economic Impact Report, “Visitors will spend $5.6 billion in Greater Palm Springs in 2021, an increase of more than $2 billion over 2020.

A representative of the group said their annual economic impact study would be published in a few months.

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