MDA Announces Second Commercial Sale of Space Robotics to Axiom Space – Parabolic Arc

Payload Interface Contract Further Expands MDA’s Footprint in Emerging Commercial Space Infrastructure Market

Brampton, Ontario, Sept. 20, 2022 (MDA PR) — MDA Ltd. (TSX: MDA), a leading provider of advanced technologies and services to the rapidly expanding global aerospace industry, today announced an Axiom Space sells its second commercial sale of products derived from Canadaarm3 technology.

The new contract is for the delivery of 62 payload interface pairs for Axiom Space’s Axiom Station. These interfaces will provide mechanical, electrical and data connections for externally mounted payloads on the Axiom Station to perform activities including scientific research, Earth observation, communications and many other applications.

This is the second commercial contract signed by MDA and Axiom this year, setting the stage for further opportunities ahead of the launch of the first Axiom Station in 2024.

“This new contract is the latest milestone in our partnership with Axiom Space and further strengthens MDA’s role as the world’s leading space robotics company and a key enabler of the global commercial space market,” said MDA CEO Mike Greenley. As demand for space robotics and other critical space infrastructure continues to expand, MDA is uniquely positioned with the knowledge, expertise and experience to meet the growing commercial demand for cost-effective human evaluation robotics and services.”

“MDA and Axiom are building a solid partnership for the future of the world’s first commercial space station. Our growing collaboration reflects significant progress in the development of Axiom Station,” said Michael Suffredini, President and CEO of Axiom Space. “Canadarm3 has proven capabilities and innovative technologies that will help us build the infrastructure for the next generation of microgravity platforms, enabling a diverse economy on orbit driven by products from world-class experts.” “

Built and operated with private sector funding, Axiom Station will initially be attached to the International Space Station (ISS). It will separate from the ISS before its partners decommission it by the end of the century, and will subsequently serve as a global research and commercial hub to build a strong and competitive economy in low Earth orbit (LEO) – including manufacturing in space, LEO manned space missions and deep space exploration.About MDA

MDA (TSX: MDA), serving the world through its Canadian headquarters and global offices, is an international space mission partner and a pioneer in robotics, satellite systems and Earth intelligence, with 50 years of experience on and off Earth. ‘s first story. With more than 2,500 employees in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K., MDA is leading the way in viable moon colonies, enhanced Earth observation, communications in a hyperconnected world, and more. With a proven track record of delivering on space ambitions, MDA empowers highly skilled individuals to continually push boundaries, tackle big challenges, and imagine solutions that inspire and lastingly change the world, whether on the ground or in the stars.forward-looking statements

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