Meta could rival Twitter as it reveals new social network in development | Tech News

Meta revealed that it is developing a new social network designed for sharing text updates.

The application appears to be Twittera company spokesperson confirmed that it will be a “decentralized” platform, similar to other alternatives that have since grown in popularity Elon Musktakeover.

“We are exploring an independent decentralized social network to share text updates,” one Yuan the statement said.

“We believe in the opportunity to create a single space where creators and public figures can share their interests in a timely manner.”

The plan was first reported by Money Control citing Meta sources, with further details revealed by Platformer.

Although the new application is said to be instagram-Brand (Meta owns the platform, plus Facebook and whatsapp), which allows the user to log in with an existing account, which behaves differently.

It will reportedly support a decentralized social networking protocol called ActivityPub, which powers some existing Twitter competitors such as mastodon.

What does decentralization mean?

Talk of “decentralized” platforms harks back to the early days of the internet, when big tech companies had less of a monopoly on the websites people used.

For example, Facebook and Twitter are controlled by a single corporation — they have overall oversight of what is allowed on the platforms.

But the mastodon, and other Twitter alternatives that rose to fame last yearRather, it consists of many independent communities or servers living under one umbrella.

These may be run by different individuals or companies with their own rules and policies.

Former Twitter boss Jack Dorsey, who co-founded the company in 2006, is working on his own project called Blue Sky, which has been in beta since last year.

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Do tech giants really have a future?

Need a “new tweet”?

sky news analysis Interest in Twitter-like platforms surged late last yearas users concerned about Musk’s approach began to consider jumping ship.

But the tumultuous takeover hasn’t been as disruptive as experts predicted. For example, the rapid growth of Mastodon users has stalled.

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One of the key problems facing upstart Twitter-like companies is that they often don’t boast the accessible feature sets and clever visual designs that helped make Facebook and Instagram usable by everyone, from your grandma to you child.

Meta’s new platform will likely be built with a mainstream audience in mind, though confidence in the company has taken some hits in recent years due to user privacy scandal and Criticism of Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse strategy.

The company’s other recent app experiments, such as its video speed-dating service called Sparked and its couple-focused social platform Tuned, have both shut down in recent years.

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