Mississippi shooting: Six killed in rural town near Tennessee border | US News

Six people have been killed in the shooting in Mississippi.

The incident happened in Arkabutla, Tate County, a rural town near the state border Tennessee.

According to local media reports, the gunman went to a store and shot dead a man, then went to a nearby home and shot dead a woman.

He then went to a home he believed to be staying at, where he shot and killed two people, WJTV reported.

A man was arrested following a police pursuit and was reportedly taken into the driveway of another house, where police found two more victims, one dead in the car and the other, officials said. die on the road.

Police said they arrested a man who remains in custody after a shooting in Arkabutla, Mississippi, in Tate County
Damaged car window after shooting

The suspect remains in custody.

“At this point, we believe he acted alone,” Mississippi Gov. Tet Reeves said.

He said the shooter’s motive was “unclear”.

“At this time please pray for the victims of this tragic violence and their families,” Reeves added.

The Tate County Sheriff’s Office also confirmed that a suspect is in custody.

A witness to the incident told Reuters how he was tending to a man who was shot in his car outside the store, but he did not respond.

The shooting took place in Aquabutra, Mississippi
Witnesses said the incident happened at four locations, including one outside a store in Arkabutla

The 18-year-old witness said he then pointed the pistol at another man, later found to be the victim’s brother, who was injured.

Later, the witness said he spotted the suspect but decided not to shoot because “he was driving and I don’t know who that guy is and I don’t want to hurt anyone”.

According to the 2020 census, Arkabutla is located about 50 kilometers (30 miles) south of Memphis, Tennessee and has 285 residents.

The town is close to Lake Arkabutla, a popular fishing and recreational destination reservoir.

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