“Nerd emoji are not us”

A schoolgirl activist who has previously called for more bespectacled heroines in Disney films has called for better representation from tech companies.

Lowri, 13, from Chilwell, Nottinghamshire, said one of the few glasses-wearing emojis was the “nerdy” face, which she thought was damaging the confidence of young glasses wearers.

She has written to the Unicode Consortium, a group of tech companies that approve new emoji, calling for the option to add glasses to the emoji.

The teenager made headlines in 2019 after writing to Disney calling for more glasses-wearing female characters to be added to their films.

The company responded by inviting Lowri to accompany them to Baftas, where their latest film Encanto – which features a bespectacled heroine – was honored.

She is launching her latest campaign to coincide with World Sight Day.

“Anti-Youth [who wear glasses] Not really feeling represented,” Lori said.

“Not a positive by any means. If it’s a rep, it’s a nerd [emoji] That’s not us. “

Video Reporter: Alex Thorpe

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