Ohio State road game means big business for bars outside Columbus

WESTVILLE, Ohio (WCMH) – Saturday’s Ohio State football game is the Buckeyes’ first road game of the season, which means bars around the Ohio State campus are taking a break and now some suburbs Time for the bar to shine.

The turnout was pretty good, and several venues in the surrounding Columbus area had fans dressed in scarlet and gray, including Harry Buffalo’s in Westville, which had a ton of people and a lot of energy.

Harry Buffalo’s general manager Greg Paugh said he still wanted to see more people showing up two hours before kick-off at 4pm as night fell.

Paugh said the bigger the race, the better the crowd, but no matter what, the energy levels were always high.

For pubs, away games usually mean bigger crowds, while for business, football season is huge.

“Usually the away games are bigger because like you mentioned, a lot of the time they’re on campus enjoying that experience,” Paugh said. “But we’ll take it.”

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