Patagotitan mayorum: Huge dinosaur that dwarfs Diplodocus Dippy to go on display in UK | Tech News

One of the largest creatures to ever walk on Earth will be on display at the Natural History Museum next year.

Patagotitan mayorum, a member of the titanosaur sauropod family, was four times its body weight Liang Long Dipi The blue whale is 12 meters longer than the museum’s other residents hope.

Experts say it weighed 57 tons and would shake the ground if it wandered over what is now known as Patagonia in Argentina.

It will make its European debut next spring, when its 37-meter-tall skeleton will be tucked into the museum’s vast Waterhouse gallery, which has nine-meter-high ceilings.

How Patagotitan was compared to Diplodocus and elephants (Image: Trustees of Natural History Museum)
How Patagotitan weighed Diplodocus and Elephants.Pictured: Trustees of the Natural History Museum

Professor Paul Barrett, scientific leader of the exhibition, said: “Patagotitan mayorum is an incredible specimen that tells us more about giant titanosaurs than ever before.

“Weighing the same as more than nine African elephants, this star specimen will inspire visitors to care for some of the largest and most vulnerable creatures on Earth, which face similar survival challenges, and show that in Earth’s ecosystems size really matters.” Very important.”

Dr Alex Birch, director of public programs at the museum, said: “We are very excited that Patagotitan, the most complete giant dinosaur ever discovered, will make its European debut at the Natural History Museum, home of dinosaurs.”

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“Our fascination with dinosaurs presents an ideal opportunity to inspire and inform the next generation about the natural world and empower them to take action for the planet.”

Visitors will be able to walk in the shadow of the most complete giant dinosaur ever discovered.

They will be able to process specimens and discover how such gigantic creatures lived and thrived on Earth.

Image: Museo Paleontológico Egidio Feruglio (MEF)
Image: Museo Paleontologico Egidio Feruglio

One can really get a sense of the animal’s size by standing next to a titanosaur’s femur and looking into the eyes of a sauropod skull.

Titanosaur: Life as the Biggest Dinosaur opens at South Kensington Museum on 31 March.

The Argentine Museum of Paleontology, Egidio Feruglio, is loaning the cast of the Patagotitan mayorum to the museum, which excavated the massive skeleton in 2014.

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