Pennsylvania’s Top 10 Best for Coffee Lovers: Study

The smell of dark roasted coffee can calm the soul of many people.

If you’re a Pennsylvanian and consider yourself such a soul, you might be pleased to know that a city in Keystone State was recently listed in the top 10 for coffee lovers in the country.

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A study conducted and published by WalletHub explores America’s love of coffee based on our history of life-giving beverages.

“Coffee first became popular in the United States after the Boston Tea Party, when the shift was seen as ‘patriotic,'” the study wrote. “Since Starbucks debuted in 1971, the drink is now available almost anywhere.”

To see where in the U.S. Java consumption is the most patriotic, WalletHub researchers compared 12 key metrics across the 100 most populous cities, such as “average price per pack of coffee”; “share of adult coffee drinkers;” and “” Google search traffic for the term “coffee”.

As a result, Pittsburgh ranks seventh among the best cities for coffee lovers and second among the cities with the most coffee shops per capita. Philadelphia received an honorable mention at No. 33.

The top five are (in ascending order): Portland, OR; Honolulu, Hawaii; Orlando, Florida; Seattle, Washington; and San Francisco, California. Boston – where Sam Adams and the crew were so brave to stand up against the Brits and their tea – came in 12th.

At the other end of the bottom five are: Memphis, Tennessee; Corpus Christi, Texas; Laredo, Texas; Toledo, Ohio; and Detroit, Michigan.

Maybe a lot of Brits live there?

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