Plantel Nurseries’ growing business is expanding | Santa Maria Indoor Spotlight | Commercial

Plantel Nurseries in Santa Maria Valley has been growing high quality vegetable transplants for 35 years.

The bounty of Santa Maria Valley agricultural land is most easily seen at harvest when vegetables, fruit and flowers are loaded onto trucks, but the work begins long before that.

The harsh conditions a crop faces before it is harvested is most apparent at the beginning; when weather, pests and predators can have a dramatic effect on a plant’s growth and even its ability to survive.

This is where plant transplants, such as those produced by Plantel Nurseries, come in.


Plantel CFO/Secretary Les Graulich walks into a room at the company’s Santa Maria production plant, filled with young vegetable grafts in trays.


Between their three Santa Maria Valley cultivation operations, Plantel Nurseries Has 1,350,000 square feet of greenhouse space and approximately the same square foot of outside grow space.

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