Qatar Energy and General Electric agree to develop carbon capture technology in Qatar

Qatar Energy and General Electric (GE) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to jointly develop a carbon capture roadmap for Qatar.

The roadmap will focus on decarbonizing the country’s energy sector, with an initial agreement to assess the feasibility of developing a carbon hub in Ras Laffan Industrial City.

Currently, Ras Laffan Industrial City houses more than 80 GE gas turbines, making it an ideal location for such projects.

The MoU was signed at Qatar Energy’s headquarters in Doha under the supervision of Qatar Energy’s President and CEO Saad Sherida Al-Kabi, who is also the country’s Minister of State for Energy Affairs.

In comments to the new agreement, Al-Kaabi announced that the MoU is in line with the state-owned company’s sustainability strategy and its ambition to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and produce clean energy.

Qatar Energy recently revised its sustainability strategy to include initiatives aimed at significantly curbing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, such as the large-scale deployment of carbon capture and storage technologies.

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Specifically, the company aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 11 million tons per year by 2035.

In addition, the planned carbon capture project aims to reduce the CO2 emissions intensity of the country’s LNG facilities by about 35% and the CO2 emissions intensity of its upstream facilities by 25% (compared to previous targets, in both cases both increased by 10%).

In addition to carbon capture and storage, the roadmap includes the use of hydrogen and ammonia as a means of reducing emissions from GE gas turbines.

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