Silicon Valley firms vie for Super Bowl contracts

PHOENIX – With the Super Bowl in Glendale just around the corner, the NFL is reaching out to various local business owners to offer opportunities to compete for Super Bowl contracts.

The program is called Business Connect. Photobooth Parc PHX was one of more than 200 companies selected.

“The original vision was to create this photo booth to create a dynamic experience for guests,” said owner Pedro Perez.

It was that vision that allowed Perez to take a leap of faith in 2020.

“More than anything I love Phoenix, and I love the adaptable Giants,” Perez said. “So, for me, it’s kind of a combination of those two things.”

Perez bought the camper for $1,500, and it’s now his business.

It was rusted, painted pink and in need of a lot of work.

Perez would switch from his full-time job to overnight learning how to renovate.

“I was probably working three or four hours a night just to get this project done,” says Perez.

Four months later, Parc PHX is ready to host its first event.

“Parc is your canvas,” Perez said. “We’re able to really customize the photo strip to the music that’s playing.”

He says they’ve done everything from a Harry Potter wedding to a blockbuster ’20s event.

Perez believes this is what sets him apart from other photo booths and is one of the reasons he was selected for the NFL Business Connections Program.

“This is a huge opportunity for me and I’m very lucky to have been selected,” Perez said.

Businesses selected were minority, female, LGBTIQ+ or Veteran owned and located in Arizona.

Businesses like Parc have a chance to compete for Super Bowl contracts.

“Think about the Super Bowl and the platform it has,” Perez said. “It’s amazing.”

“We’re going strong,” said Jay Parry, chairman of the Arizona Super Bowl hosting committee. “There’s a lot of interest from all the NFL producers, event producers who come to town and they’re going to be connecting with about 200+ businesses in Arizona who are participating in this program.”

Perez is now focusing on Parc full-time and hopes the project will help him grow. With a second camper in the works, he hopes to add more.

“I dream big,” Perez said.

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