Sin City Snowboards business has grown this year

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (FOX5) – Winter is taking off at a Las Vegas snowboard shop. Sin City Snowboards owner Glenn Robertt said they had seen a 50 per cent increase in customers this year.

Last year, the store struggled to keep up with demand due to supply chain issues during the pandemic.

“Unless our suppliers say you can’t get it, we have enough orders to get the year done, but we’ve had a good season,” Robert said.

But customers will see changes this year due to continued demand for the product.

“So the prices go up, it’s happened in other industries, last year it really affected the skis, because the prices are set, so this year’s prices are usually 15-20% higher than last year’s price for the same product that didn’t change,” he said.

To meet demand, the store expanded with a new space in the same building. There is also a repair shop on site.

He added: “We have a huge service department that will be expanded and people will come here and check the notice boards.”

Robert also said the store hit record highs during both November and Black Friday weeks.

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