Small Business Spotlight: Hispanics in action, celebrating history and culture through business

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Now is a great time to celebrate the diverse business and entrepreneurial spirit of our global community as more people embrace the culture and stories of their home country.

During this Hispanic Heritage Month, we’ll be highlighting the work of entrepreneurs in Latin America and how their culture inspires them to become business owners. Arlington County is made up of 15% Spanish speakers; within this group we can find endless stories, experiences, knowledge and culture.

With the help of the BizLaunch en Español program, which provides business assistance to Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs, many with unique knowledge and passion have turned these skills into successful business ventures.

BizLaunch en Español works with a variety of industries in Arlington, including restaurants, cleaning companies, beauty salons, and more. Guiding entrepreneurs on the right track has become one of the most important jobs of the BizLaunch team.

Among the Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs who got help, several did not have the necessary knowledge of English or the tools to browse the Internet before contacting BizLaunch. For this reason, the BizLaunch en Español program has always been a great resource for anyone who owns a business or wants to open a business in Arlington County.

convey culture

Our Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs often highlight their unique culture through the businesses they open.

For example, Los Chamacos, Café Sazón and other restaurants share their cuisine with the community. Lyon Park Barber Shop and others share their hairstyles, and The Cleaning Crew and BEJ Cleaning Services share their work ethic and responsibility when it comes to cleaning homes. Additionally, La Union Grocery, Garden of Dreams, and MTB’s Early Enrichment Center shared their passion for serving the community. These are just a few examples of how many other entrepreneurs use their cultural values, beliefs and styles throughout their businesses.

Just as these entrepreneurs share their culture with the community, BizLaunch en Español focuses on being able to share all available resources easily and directly. Reliable information is essential for those who dream of excelling in this country. Therefore, getting a Spanish course can be very beneficial and helpful for Hispanic entrepreneurs.

What’s next?

During Hispanic Heritage Month, we can see the victories of Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs in the United States. Some say coaching is an important tool in achieving business goals.

Entrepreneurs can also take advantage of the various resources that BizLaunch en Español has to offer.To hear inspiring stories from entrepreneurs in the region and take advantage of all BizLaunch resources, we invite you to join our Brunch and Business: Celebrating Vibrant Hispanic Entrepreneurs, We’ll highlight successful Hispanic businesses in Arlington through panel discussions.

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