Spirit Halloween’s Best Costumes, Makeup and Masks of 2022


Spirit Halloween is a Halloween supermarket. Whether you’re looking for the hottest new costumes, the scariest animatronics characters, or lights to light your way, Spirit Halloween has it all.

But because of the large inventory, the treasure is easy to miss. So we combed through the store, going out of our way to find the spookiest, creepiest and downright scary things about Ghost Halloween, from costumes and makeup to lighting and decorations. See more indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations here.

Adult Vampire Costume - Monster High

The Halloween Spirit has unveiled a new 2022 Monster High costume, including Draculaura. Clothing kit includes dress, necklace, boot cover and lace cuffs.

Adult Top Gun Maverick Jumpsuit Luxurious Dress

“Top Gun” clothing is a perennial favorite, but with the release of “Top Gun: Mavericks” in 2022, Maverick, Goose and Charlie clothing is sure to have a big revival this year. Spirit Halloween has officially licensed Top Gun costumes complete with flight suits and hats.

Adult Mirabel Dress - Disney Encanto

Another new option for 2022 is the “Encanto” costume for Spirit Halloween. In addition to the Mirabel clothing for adults, there are versions for children and toddlers, as well as Bruno clothing for children and adults.

Adult Sam Outfit - Trick 'r Treat

The Sam costume is one of the creepiest new looks for Spirit Halloween 2022. Officially licensed Sam costume features one-piece bodysuit and hooded mask; burlap trick-or-treating bag sold separately.

Adult Eleven Dress Costumes - Stranger Things

Spirit Halloween has tons of costumes from your favorite binge-worthy TV shows. Big “Stranger Things” fan? You’ll want to know about this Eleven dress. If Eleven isn’t for you, check out all the “Stranger Things” costume options that Spirit Halloween has to offer.

Rip Wheeler Costume Set - Yellowstone

“Yellowstone” was a huge hit, with a large and loyal following. If you want to get in touch with your inner Rip this Halloween – who wouldn’t? ! ? — This Rip Wheeler clothing set is for you. If you think of Kayce rather than Rip, there are more “Yellowstone” outfits to choose from.

Adult Ted Lasso Tracksuit Apparel

This Ted Lasso is another new TV-inspired costume idea for Halloween 2022. Want to make it a group outfit? A full line of Ted Lasso apparel is available.

Flamin' Hot Cheetos Bag for Adults

The Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Bag costume turns everyone’s favorite super-spicy snack into a trendy outfit. The Halloween Spirit has a section dedicated to Cheetos that the snack lovers in your life will want to know.

Adult Coop Costume - White Castle

If Cheetos aren’t your bag, Spirit Halloween has plenty of other food options, including an officially licensed White Castle costume. You can choose from these delicious-looking chicken rings, or opt for the classic sliders. Or order both and have your couple dress up as a package!

Baby Faux Fur Lil' Raccoon Costume

Spiritual Halloween isn’t just for adults. It also offers a large selection of baby, toddler and children’s clothing. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but this Lil’ Racoon baby costume is so cute we could melt.

Children's Peacock Costume

It’s a bit pricey, to be sure, but this kid’s peacock costume is beautiful. The set comes with a dress, feather back piece and headband; the back piece is fastened to the skirt with Velcro strips, which you can remove if it annoys or irritates your little peacock.

Adult Scooby Doo Joint Set

Pajama outfits solve two major problems with Halloween costumes: comfort and warmth. If you’ve been hobbling around in painful heels or adjusting bulky outfits all night, a bodysuit-inspired outfit will be a welcome relief. And, if you know you’ll be outdoors in the cold, these pajama outfits, like this Scooby Doo joint set, will keep you from catching a cold.

Check out Spirit Halloween’s entire collection of pajamas.

adult gift boxed wine clothing

The wine lover in your life needs to know this wine box. Why? Because it’s definitely a pretty hilarious costume, it’s enough to make it one of the best things we’ve found in the Halloween spirit!

vampire nails

There are so many ways to show off your Halloween spirit without wearing a full costume. Press nails, which have come a long way since the ’80s, are a great way to add a bit of quirky style to your look.

Black Spider Lace Bracelet

Black Spider Lace Bracelet

Hand accessories don’t stop at fancy nails – bracelets are an eye-catching way to spruce up your claws. We love the high gothic vibe of this Victorian-inspired bracelet with a design that looks like a spider’s web.

Sequined Pineapple Bra

Of course, creepy patterns aren’t the only way to go for Halloween—there’s a ton of colorful, uplifting costumes and accessories to choose from. We love the appeal of this sequined pineapple bra, with its lush foliage clustered around the shoulders, so much so that we’d consider wearing it for a day at the beach!

Adult Unicorn Cape

A hooded cape is a great way to show off your Halloween spirit without having to fully dress up. They’re also a great option for trick-or-treating because they’re easy to wear over street clothes and keep you warm when you open the front door to say hi to witches and goblins.

avocado hat

Look, this avocado hat is fun, that’s enough for us!

New bendable snake headband

New bendable snake headband

Fancy headwear is irresistible any time of year, but Halloween provides the perfect excuse to invest in some decor for your sweet locks. The best thing about this Roman snake headband is that when you’re not wearing it to complete your robe set, you can wear it to scare away the phobias in your life.

6ft Lord Raven animatronics

Spirit Halloween has launched a new line of animatronic Halloween decorations for 2022, including this 6-foot-tall Lord Raven, perfect for those who really, really hate their neighbors and want to make sure they don’t sleep through the month of October!

6ft Swamp Zombie Animation

Another new animated offering from Spirit Halloween is this 6ft swamp zombie with yellow LED glowing eyes and a moving mouth that makes zombie moans and swamp noises.

3ft Bag O' Bones Animatronic

If you’re looking for something a little smaller – and a little friendlier! – This 3-foot-long animatronic skeleton pops out of his abandoned burlap sack.

6.5 feet bloody rag

This bloody rag piece is a great way to add instant horror to a doorway, window, or tabletop. And for under $10, it’s also a budget-friendly option that can add a little Halloween spirit to your home without breaking the bank.

haunted house doormat

Doormats are another option for adding some Halloween flair to your home without spending a lot of money or effort. This year, Spirit of Halloween has a set of Disney Haunted House decorations, including this “Our Journey Starts Here” doormat.

Evil Pumpkin Single Door Set

Transform your garage door with Spirit Halloween’s Wicked Pumpkin Single Door Cover. The Dangerous Evil Pumpkin design is printed on an easy-to-install durable material, which allows the garage door to remain fully functional when the door cover is installed.

Reaper Graveyard Garage Double Door Cover

For a different look, this garage door cover mimics the look of a spooky graveyard in the light of a full moon.

5ft body bag strut

5ft body bag strut

Okay, real talk: This body bag prop looks so realistic that you probably don’t want to keep it outdoors because law enforcement is constantly checking the calls they get about abandoned bodies on your lawn.

Atomized Skull Pile

This atomizing skull stack is basically four effects in one. You have a bunch of skulls, the lights that illuminate the eye sockets, the haunting sounds the skulls make, and of course the fog. Oh? Do you want your mist to be scented? Well, of course, Spirit Halloween has you covered: do you prefer the Mildew Fog Scent ($4.99) or the Pumpkin Spice Fog Scent ($4.99)?

10 feet of glowing green spider web

A giant glowing spider web is perfect for those who love the look of exterior holiday lights but don’t want all the work of stringing them.

Whirl-A-Motion LED Green Spider Projection Spotlight

If you’re going to go big and install a giant spider web at your entryway, why not go bigger and project a bunch of spiders to the front of the house as well? This LED projector casts green spiders on any surface and is designed for indoor and outdoor use.

LED creepy lantern path marker

Illuminated path markers are not only decorative – they also serve an important function, creating safer walkways for ghosts and goblins of all ages by adding more light. This set of three purple and black lanterns featuring cobwebs and spider patterns will light up your sidewalk in the scariest way possible.

Mystic Art Crystal Ornament Plate

Turn a small space into a Halloween hideout in your home by adding mystery to your decor. This geode crystal effect trinket tray can be used on a tabletop or in a powder room to hold a bar of guest soap.

Haunted House Candle Holders 3-Pack

Haunted House Candle Holders 3-Pack

A votive candle holder is another way to add a Halloween flair to a small space. If you’re lighting votive candles in a largely unattended space, such as a guest bathroom, choose flameless candles instead of wax candles to prevent fires.

Ouija Board Party Pack

This Ouija Board Party Set includes two sets of high-quality paper plates, two sets of napkins, and one set of high-quality paper cups with a distinct Ouija board pattern printed on them. These are perfect for a casual Halloween party at home or wrapping homemade treats to share with friends and family.

Damask Gothic Black Pillar Candle

Damask Gothic Black Pillar Candle

Honestly, many of us display this luxurious looking black and red gothic column candle all year round. These are a great addition to a spooky mantel display or to light up a Halloween-themed dinner table.

6 feet.grim animatronics

It’s not the most expensive animatronic item on offer at Spirit Halloween, but this 6-foot skeleton takes the giant skeleton trend up a notch by adding movement and sound to a pile of bones.

6.2ft Soul Harvester Animatronics

This attention-seeking monster has a message for lost kids, “Look at me, just like everyone else. Now that I have you, your soul will be mine…forever…*creepy laughter* “So if your goal this Halloween is to scare the neighbors, look no further!

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