Suspected Chinese spy balloon flies over US

According to Pentagon Press Secretary Brig, a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon is flying about 60,000 feet above the United States. General Patride.

To put it in perspective, that’s in the stratosphere, about 18,000 feet higher than where commercial aircraft fly.

Here’s how it compares to other objects in the sky:

What else do we know about balloons: Ryder said the Pentagon was aware of the suspected surveillance balloon floating over the northern United States “with the ability to maneuver.” He didn’t specify how to maneuver, but did say Friday that the balloon “has changed course and it’s us” to remonitor it. “

In terms of size, Ryder said the balloon is large enough that officials are concerned that if the U.S. shoots it down, it could create debris that could hurt people on the ground.

“In terms of size, I can’t go into specifics other than to say it’s big enough, and again, in reviewing our approach, we do recognize that any potential debris fields will be significant and could result in civilian casualties. casualties, or significant property damage,” Ryder said Friday.

Pentagon officials said they expected it to continue passing over the United States in the coming days.

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