Thatch hosts event to celebrate women-owned businesses in mall, thanks community for support

Samantha Raley, owner of Samantha’s Closet | Photo by Owensboro Times

Thatch Mall will host an event later this month to highlight that every business in the building is female-owned. In addition to sales and prizes from center merchants, there will also be craft vendors on site.

The event will take place on October 22nd from 10am to 6pm.

Participating stores include Samantha’s Closet, Moonbow Apothecary & Emporium, Dabney’s at the Shop, Frozen Lounge, Art Lab Owensboro, Pixel Palace Selfie Museum, Nine Circles Tattoo & Piercing, and Dorothy’s Accounting. Ten other suppliers will be in attendance.

“Each business in the complex is hosting its own fun events and special days,” said Samantha’s Closet owner Samantha Raley. “There will be sales, raffles, giveaways and more.”

Raley, whose company will be celebrating its one-year anniversary at the event, said the other owners of the mall had been by her side from day one, and they all did their best to support each other.

“We are definitely a strong community in Saatchi, like a family,” she said. “We’ve been brainstorming and working together to see how we can help each other grow.”

Reilly said she is grateful for the continued support of the entire community.

“The community is amazing and really shows up for the other girls at the center and me,” she said. “The biggest driver is word of mouth. We have new people coming here almost every day.”

After the event, a masquerade will be held at the Frozen Lounge, a bar dedicated to frozen drinks.

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