The more Trump is portrayed as a victim of injustice, the more his supporters rally around him US News

A hundred yards from the courthouse gates, Ice T is filming the latest episode of Law & Order.

The American rapper and actor is the star of the long-running crime/courtroom drama, known for its believable characters and believable plot.

Contrast that with the drama on the street,donald trump – The Age of Crime. This can only be fact – what screenwriter would make it up?

Ice T on the set of
Ice T on the set of “Law & Order”

The plot twist has yet to play out in the lower Manhattan courthouse, which has now been delayed by at least 24 hours.

When news broke that the grand jury holiday was out, a slew of international media outlets rose to their feet.

Cameras have been recording people coming and going all morning – lawyers, police officers, prisoners silhouetted on parked buses, the daily operations of criminal justice as it awaits a very different day – Donald’s day, in court superior.

The longer the delay before an indictment and subsequent arraignment hearing, the more appealing a parallel political battle will be.

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Supporters of Donald Trump gather outside his law office in New York.

Republican allies (by no means everyone in the party) amplified Trump’s accusations of witch hunts and complained about the weaponization of the justice system.

Democrats countered that no one should be above the law.

Meanwhile, there have been few protests. A woman protested alone outside Trump Tower on Tuesday, repeating his slogan: “Take back our country!”

If public support appears weak on the ground, cash support is not.

Trump raised more than $1.5 million in fundraising after posting on his social media platforms last weekend that he would be arrested.

People Wearing Trump Masks in New York
People Wearing Trump Masks in New York

As court proceedings were canceled after Wednesday, he tweeted an attack on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a potential rival for the Republican presidential nomination.

Trump called him an “average” governor with good public relations.

In truth, DeSantis doesn’t need good PR to negotiate a solution to Donald Trump’s difficulties — it’s up to Trump himself to do it.

Apparently, rivals for the Republican nomination denounced “unequal justice” while failing to support Trump.

However, the more he is portrayed as a victim of injustice, the more core supporters surround him.

In politics, in the presidency, the question to be posed of disaffected candidates outside the base will be: How much discontent is too much?

But there’s a small matter of one or four court proceedings before that.

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