These pajamas from Amazon are a must-have.that’s why

This article is part of spring fashion month, we’ll be breaking down your must-have fashion pieces over the next few months. From denim jackets to cozy sandals, we asked editors, influencers, and experts about their must-haves for spring and beyond.

Amazon always has our attention when it comes to snapping up great deals. We — and over 25,000 reviewers — love this Amazon coat for the colder months. But for spring, you’re looking for a breezy dress that’s comfortable enough to wear nonstop as casual loungewear, yet stylish enough for everyone to see. Amazon has a solution, too: Everyone, check out Amazon’s pajama dresses.

Amazon Boho Dress Computer

Part Little House on the Prairie, part millennial partying all summer long in Montauk, the nightdress exudes a major bohemian vibe, reminiscent of Poupette St. Barth’s and Spell & the Gypsy Collective dresses…but at a low price.

Well, well, it’s not really a nightgown, but those influencers (aka influencers) call it that because of its airy, flowy cut. You know something is trending when it has its own hashtag, and this dress has one early on: #AmazonNightgown.

Are you ready to hear how much this most sought-after dress costs? Only 30 yuan! That’s part of the reason it explodes on “grams” and beyond. We can’t give it a try. And it comes with free returns on Prime, making it a no-brainer.

Another idea as to why it’s gaining popularity: the aforementioned loose goose down cut. In the age of skinny jeans and crop tops, sometimes girls just want to wear a muumuu — despite its pretty pattern and chic details — to run errands. Think of those super flowy nightdresses that everyone seems to own. No bulging back fat, no tight pants – just soft, beautiful cotton for a lightweight silhouette. What does that sound like? See how @ChrissyMWard designed it below. The fashion blogger teamed it with a sleek ponytail and braided bag, telling her 26,000 followers, “It’s the best $28 I’ve ever spent.”

So, I put Amazon pajamas to the test. Because it sure is the Instagram vs. Reality scene, right? There are as many as 15 colorways to choose from and I went with the pink print in a small size – a lot of reviewers said go up a size because of the tightness in the bust but given the loose fit of the skirt I played it safe and stuck to my normal size smooth , because it fits perfectly.

Underlined R.Vivimos Women's Long Sleeve Floral Print Vintage V Neck Fringe Boho Midi Dress

Our Takeaway: The colorful material is actually a rayon/cotton blend (not just cotton), which makes it super lightweight and silky against your skin. I was concerned that the fabric would overwhelm my 5’4″ frame and I was repelled as soon as I put it on. While it does have a loose fit, the dress is definitely not bulky. The midi length is my favorite detail as it hits a flattering point between my knees and ankles, but the trickiest thing is finding a bra or underwear that will go with the plunging V neckline!

If you were worried that the shapeless cut of this dress would look more like a potato sack than a sexy fairy princess, I get it. But its cut is much narrower in real life than it looks online, and with the help of accessories (layered necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses, and gorgeous sandals!), the dress—others from High End Designs For over $300 at the designer—easily transition from drab to glam, allowing you to live out your country-chic fantasies. Or you can pair it with flip flops and a ponytail and head to your farmers market for an effortless look.

That’s right, the Amazon nightdress is the perfect pre-fall transitional dress you don’t want to miss out on, nor should you because—reminder—it’s only $31!

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