Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend Erica Herman seeks legal complaint to cancel nondisclosure agreement with golfer | US News

Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend Erica Herman is seeking to have her non-disclosure agreement (NDA) removed after a six-year relationship with the professional golfer.

The NDA was established between Ms. Herman and the treesbut she thinks it should be cancelled.

Ms. Herman’s lawyers are seeking to resolve the issue under the Sexual Harassment Act of 1921, which allows individuals to limit the scope of nondisclosure agreements in sexual assault or sexual harassment claims.

The document does not make any specific charges against Woods or provide details of information Ms Herman may want to disclose, but claims that trusts controlled by Woods have been “aggressive” in enforcing non-disclosure agreements.

The complaint comes after Ms Herman filed a separate lawsuit against Woods in October, claiming she was owed about $30m (£25m) and locked away at the Martin County, Florida, apartment she shared with the golfer. at home.

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To support this, Ms. Herman would need to disclose facts that would put her in breach of the non-disclosure agreement, as the terms state that if there is a dispute between the two, the parties need to first try to resolve it through arbitration (out of court). .

Ms. Herman’s latest complaint asks the court to clarify whether the non-disclosure agreement is valid and enforceable.

If the NDA is revoked, Ms. Herman could pursue her claim in court and bypass arbitration.

If the NDA is deemed valid, Ms. Herman is seeking a court ruling on whether she can disclose “the facts of various legal claims that she believes she has.”

The complaint also asks the court to rule that Ms. Herman “is free to disclose … her own experience” as well as “photographs and audio recordings of her and her family”.

Court documents show that Woods initially enforced the non-disclosure agreement because Ms. Herman was a former employee.

Tiger Woods (right) with his girlfriend Erica Herman (middle) and his daughter Sam Alexis Woods (left).Photo: Associated Press
(L to R) Tiger Woods’ daughters Sam Alexis Woods, Erica Herman and Tiger Woods.Photo: Associated Press

She regularly plays with Woods in the majors, but was absent at the event late last year and Woods’ Genesis Invitational at Riviera three weeks ago.

Woods’ manager at Excel Sports Management, Mark Steinberg, did not immediately respond for comment.

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