TSA employees raise money for colleagues in Florida

Employees donate $25,000, say they remember Hurricane Harvey

Corpus Christi, Texas — The impact of Hurricane Ian has brought back memories for staff at the Texas Aquarium.

Coastal Bend needed help when Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017. Now the folks at the Texas Aquarium want to reciprocate the favor.

Officials are donating $25,000 to the AZA Relief Fund to help aquarium and zoo workers in Florida.

“We used it five years ago,” said TSA CEO Jesse Gilbert. “We’re those aquariums. So we feel like it’s really important. We know what they’re going through. It’s going to be tough — they’re going to have a tough few weeks ahead.”

The funds actually went to workers whose homes were damaged by the storm.

Seeing the photos of Florida reminded many TSA staff of what happened here.

“That’s the one that blows your mind,” Gilbert said. “The staff are going through this humane aspect. They’re looking after these animals, doing everything they can to keep the animals safe, but their homes may not be safe.”

The money is expected to help relieve some of the pressure from the cleanup in the coming days.

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