Twitter reveals another twist on its new verification policy Tech News

Once the change to the platform’s blue checkmark goes into effect, Twitter will mark the accounts of government officials, media and other public figures with the “official” label.

new owner Elon Musk Little wasted time implementing his ideas, mostly revisions Twitter Blue subscription service and mobile recognizable tick behind its monthly paywall.

The richest man in the world says change—— Launched after mid-term – Will empower the “people”, allowing anyone to have a checkmark, not just those in public roles.

But now many verified accounts will be given a new label on their profile so people know they are legit.

The new 'official' label will appear
How the new “official” tab will appear

“A lot of people have asked how to differentiate between @TwitterBlue subscribers with a blue checkmark and accounts that are verified as official, which is why we introduced the ‘official’ label to select accounts at launch,” said the company’s director of early products Esther Crawford said.

“Not all previously verified accounts will receive the ‘official’ label, and the label is not purchasable. Accounts that will receive it include government accounts, commercial companies, business partners, major media, publishers and some public figures.

“The new Twitter Blue doesn’t include ID verification — it’s an opt-in paid subscription that provides blue checkmarks and access to opt-in features. We’ll continue to try ways to differentiate between account types.”

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What it means for a verified account

Musk has denounced the existing verification program as a “lord and peasant system.”

Some observers have suggested that allowing anyone to pass verification could help fight bots and fake accounts.

But news that paid blue checkmarks will no longer reflect any form of authentication threw the idea out of whack.

That means more accounts could end up with two labels, a blue tick if they pay, and an official label if they meet Twitter’s new standards.

This is similar to how government accounts have been flagged
This is similar to how government accounts have been flagged

Their appearance is very similar to the existing labels for government and state-affiliated accounts now.

For example, Rishi Sunak’s account has a blue tick and the label “UK Government Official”.

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