Vendors gather for Inspire Nutrition for Small Business Sunday in Eau Claire

EAU CLAIR, Wisconsin (WEAU) – We all know Small Business Saturday, but Kjirstin Thull, owner of Inspire Nutrition, couldn’t quite get into it.

Instead, she thought why not extend the tradition for another day.

“So we wanted to still be able to spotlight other local businesses for small businesses on Saturday, but on Sunday. So we call it Small Business Weekend. Small businesses are really at the heart of the Eau Claire community, so why not give it two days?” Tour Say.

She rallied a group of other small business owners to reach out to customers.

“So we’re taking a sip and shopping. So we’re opening up shakes and teas for people to come in and have a drink. And then we have some local vendors in the back, so they can buy some homemade items as well,” Thull said.

With the support of her peers, she has grown as a business owner in Eau Claire, so she wants to keep giving.

“So we’ve been able to learn a lot from a lot of other people, a lot of other business owners have flooded into us, and now we want to focus on other businesses that are primarily online and give them a store where people go and get to know them too, said Tour.

One of those businesses is JLKnits, the knitting company of her friend Jamie Craklow.

“When she said she was going to do something for small businesses on Sunday, I was so excited to be a part of it,” Clarklow said. “I’m active on Facebook, you can email me, Facebook message me. I also do custom orders. I try to make it accessible to people.”

Craklow believes that support for one’s business should last a year and be all-in.

“You know a lot of people think ‘I know this guy, maybe they can give me a deal’ but I think it’s really important to pay full price … we do this for a living … so to be able to give them Full support … I think it’s very important,” Clarklow said.

And the client agrees.

“We want small businesses to stay in business, right? So go support the small businesses you love,” Baylee Werner said.

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