Venice residents, business owners worried about Hurricane Ian

VENICE, Fla. (WWSB) – Business owners in Venice boarded up their windows and doors on Tuesday ahead of Hurricane Ian.

“I have a few people here to help me, it’s teamwork and trying to maintain a good attitude,” said Mike Miller, MPS development and construction manager. “We don’t have a saw, so we don’t have to cut too close, just cover the windows.”

It is now expected to make landfall in the southern part of the Venice region. Many businesses are protected not only by plywood, but also by shutters and sandbags.

“In the store, literally, all the local art, pottery, jewelry, Florida python skins are bagged,” downtown Venice business owner Natalie McKinney described her efforts said when.

Some residents decided to weather the storm at home without evacuating. Many of them also protect their homes.

Mike Aldrich and Megan Magill, a couple from Venice, said: “Definitely high anxiety, feeling the energy buzzing around, trying to stay busy and calm.”

Things will be different in the next few hours, as the biggest hurricane threat to the region in a long time will soon emerge.

“The last hurricane was so much hyped, it really wasn’t a big deal,” Alex Parr and his friends said. “But we’re really excited that there are no schools, schools are cancelled.”

The water on the island of Venice has been cut off. Zones A and B are currently under mandatory evacuation orders

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