Young entrepreneur follows her dream of becoming CEO

CHRISTIES, Texas — In Texas, the Governor’s Council of Women’s work to make Texas the number one state for women-owned businesses began at a young age.

Emma Pierre is a young entrepreneur who lives in Brooks County and is homeschooled.

Now, she’s gearing up for the Governor’s Small Business Youth Pitch Contest in South Padre Island on Thursday.

Eight-year-old Pierre has different interests.

From the fashion industry to running her business, Miss Emma’s lemonade stand is paired with a twist on Boss Baby Bling.

“I sell lemonade, mini sodas, some chips and lemon cubes,” explains Pierre.

Emma said she had some experience running a lemonade stand, but with the help of her mum Marshall Pierre, it developed into a successful business.

“There are 25 kids this year. I took them through the whole lemonade program,” says Marchelle Pierre.

As a homeschooling parent, Pierre personally teaches young children how to start, own and run their own business.

Hard work, passion and drive depend on them.

“She kept saying she wanted to do a You Tube channel. I thought it was a tough job, but she just kept talking about it, so we’re going to keep working on it,” Pierre said. “I just let Emma follow her passion,” she said.

That’s exactly what Emma is doing. Follow her passion.

Marchelle Pierre told KRIS 6 News Emma is from Haiti, where they have a small school.

“Emma wanted to try a phone call and teach them how to make lemonade so they could have a lemonade day in Haiti. I said, we might do that,” Pierre said.

Emma said she plans to keep using Miss Emma’s lemonade stand even after the game is over. By doing so, she will be able to send some of her income to Haitian children who lack the same opportunities.

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